Selling your property

Should you decide to sell your property in Spain, Pinar Properties can help you market your property in the most effective way.

Your property will be advertised in our office, via our website and also national and international property portals online.

We work alongside many other agents in the area and collaborate with International agents meaning your property will reach a larger audience of buyers.

When selling your property in Spain you should be aware of the following fees:

  • Plus Valia – this varies depending on the size of the property/plot size and how many years you have owned the property, we can help you calculate this with a copy of your Suma bill.
  • Capital Gains Tax – 21%
  • Energy Certificate and Second Habitation certificate, both of these are required when selling a property and cost approximately 360€ for both. We can assist with these if needed.
  • Solicitor fees, if you don’t speak Spanish you will need to use a legal representative/solicitor, fees can vary depending on who you choose to use. We work with various local solicitors who can advise you on their fees.


Non-residents should also be aware of the Retention Tax which is 3% of the sale price. This amount is held by the government in case of any debts on the property or Capital Gains Tax.

If there are no debts or tax due your solicitor will claim this amount back, if there is an amount owed they will claim the remainder of money after these are paid.

To sell your property with us please call, email or pop into our office to arrange to speak to one of our agents with no obligation.


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